Welcome to our website. We are a Rock/Metal covers band from the Norwich, Norfolk area. We cover such bands as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, WASP, Deep Purple, Led Zep, Gary Moore, Nickleback, Metallica, AC/DC, Billy Idol, just about anything Rock really.

The band was formed by Rick, on guitar and Tom Dix on bass. Tommy Ryall is on lead guitar, and Pete loads is on Drums. Stewart is our larger than life vocalist . We play the songs you'll know, by the bands you'll know, with one or two different tracks/bands thrown in to spice things up a bit. So come down to a gig and see for yourself what we have to offer, and join the fun!! CHECKOUT our YOUTUBE vids, go to QUICKFEET230. It's our drummers page, so lots of drumming things on there too! If you would like to book the band please contact us.