The Band

Rick Kirk

Equipment: B.C. Rich JR-V, B.C. Rich Warlock both with EMG active pick ups, wireless system, Boss GT 8 effects pedal, Marshall JCM 800 50 watt head + 4x12 Angle Cab, Ernie Ball Hybrid Strings, Rock Boots, Smelly Socks. 

Fav bands: Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Machine Head, Rob Zombie, WASP, Slayer, Fun Boy Three, Erasure.

Influences: All the above, Satan,(but my wife has the last word!), Tigger, Harley Davidson, Tom and Jerry, Lazy Town, Joe Satriani,  My school mate John Spellman for making me learn the guitar, who died aged 21. Thank's mate, I miss ya.

Interests: My Kids! Weight Training, Tattoos, The Band, Motorbikes, Cheese, My Bed, Milky Coffee, Sleep, Beer, Trying to get a six pack like stu, Drunken Se..

Previous Bands: Endangered Species, Reigning Fire.

Tom Dix

A bass, and sore fingers. Skiving off school to play with these nuts, managing a bar, drinking wine. 

Pete Loads

Drummer For Synaptik, and drummimg for these lads too!

Tommy Ryall

A few bits and pieces, long hair and all my own teeth. 24 guitars, 17 amps. All borrowed from various friends. I also play in my own local norwich based band called 'Tearaway'.


Equipment: Shure SM58 Beta cordless Mike, Zoom R F X 100 Effects Unit, Wharfdale E V P S 15 400 Watt P A Cab x 2, E V P S 800 Watt Sub Bass x 2, E V P X 15 400 Watt + 5 Band E Q Powered Monitor, E V P X Slave. A Collection of Rubber Bands, A few Paper Clips.

Fav Bands: Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Trivium, Steps, Boyzone.

Influences: Bruce Dickinson, Blackie Lawless, Rob Halford, Biff Byford, David Soul, Gene Hunt, Barney (The Simpsons)

Interests: Music, Shooting, Riding My motorbike, Good films, Exposing my beer keg whenever possible, Never Having A Hair cut, Singing for these Nuts!

Prev Bands: Fun Palace, Force of Nature, Reload.(boyz to men wouldn't have me!)