<p>So, our last gig of 2017 at the Brickmakers will be our last with Tommy on lead guitar and Stewart on vocals. We have been holding auditions for a lead guitarist, and a replacement will be announced soon. We are still holding auditions for a singer and anyone wishing to apply please get in touch via facebook. We will be taking 3 months off next year to revamp the set, a new guitarist, a new set. No point in a new guitarist learning old tunes!! So this year will see the end of some songs but have no fear, there will be plenty more classics and some new up to date songs in there too. We will be taking a slightly heavier approach to the new songs by including songs by Slayer and Slipknot to name a couple....But there will still be plenty of classic oldies in there too..This is an exciting change for us and I'm sure you guys will love the new set... Watch this space, this time, we will deliver plenty of new tunes..</p>



<p>HI all, Just to let everyone know we've put in 4 new songs for this year, and will be working on a few more to add later in the year. Tommy's baby is due at the start of April so we will be taking a break of 2 months to help him adjust to adulthood/becoming a dad!!! lol. We will then be out and about again and rocking the venues till christmas. See ya all soon....</p>


Changes, again!!

Well as you've all probably noticed, Dave has sadly left the band, We now have Mr Tom Dix back on bass duties. He helped form the band many years ago, and it's good to have him back with us.


New Year

New year new set, well, certainly we'll be putting in a few new songs anyway. We hope everyone has a great new year and we look forward to playing some new venue's, and blasting out some new covers too. See you all in April. Thank's again for supporting us, without you guys we would be nothing. Take care everyone, and rock on!!


New stuff

Well, another year has passed and another drummer change, what an eventful year that was. Pete has joined us and will be with us for hopefully longer than a year, well that`s what he`s promised anyway!! We`re taking 3 months off again next year (2015) to finally get some new covers in the set. So our first gig of 2015 will be the brickmakers in Norwich and we will have a new set, with some old favourites still in, we promise. We want to thank all our fans for supporting us again this year, and we look forward to seeing you in the new year. Have a happy christmas and a happier new year. To The Last....


Ok here we go....

Well 2014 had a funny start, but we're proud to announce Jason Thompson as our new, and hopefully permanent Drummer. We're now cracking on with the business of learning NEW covers, and the long awaited revamp of our set. So expect a few new covers in April and a few more getting dropped in over the coming months.